Character and characteristics of the Labrador Retriever Fox Red

Character and main characteristics of the Red Fox Labrador Retriever

The Red Fox Labrador Retriever was bred to work and is a powerful dog that can perform a variety of tasks such as retrieving fish and ducks, carrying material, search and rescue, sniffing and tending. Hunters, farm owners, military, police and even the elderly can use the services of these dogs.

This purebred dog surpasses himself and can spend an entire afternoon in the garden playing with the children. When given the opportunity, they are sociable and are absolutely loyal to their family members, especially their pack leader.

The Red Fox Labrador and the food

Although the Labrador is a very active and playful dog breed, they are usually very greedy for food and sometimes tend to overeat. The Labrador Retriever’s diet should provide all the nutrients they need on a daily basis to cover their energy expenditure. and maintain her ideal weight.

Like most dogs of medium and large size, it has quite sensitive joints and some nutrients can help your friend, in the prevention or treatment of certain muscular and skeletal disorders, such as various forms of dysplasia.

In terms of “gluttony”, some studies show that this is not the only cause of the Labrador’s tendency to be overweight, it seems to be genetically predisposed to gain weight. Consequently, the Labrador Retriever’s diet must be varied and complete to provide all the nutrients he needs to stay healthy and in good shape, but his energy needs must also be well balanced and balanced to avoid weight gain…

Remember that the meal will always be a “party time” for your dog… In fact, alone it would struggle to regulate itself and as advice, speaking of Labrador Retrievers in general without referring to the single case, the most adequate diet would consist in the administration of a meal that theoretically should not exceed 380 Kcal per 100 grams.

As for the quantities of food to be given to your Labrador Retriever, it all depends on age, energy consumption and activity level. Below you will find a table to be used for indicative purposes:

  • Up to 6 months: 3 meals a day (to be administered in the morning, lunch and dinner);
  • From 6 to 12 months: 2 meals a day (to be administered morning and evening);
  • From 12-13 months up: you can also go down to a single meal, if your dog is very lazy and does not exercise, to prevent obesity.
the character of red fox labrador

Are Red Fox Labrador suitable for Families?

Red Fox Labrador Retrievers are patient and gentle, making them ideal companions for children of all ages. They usually don’t mind being crawled on or having their ears tugged on occasion. Families of all ages and sizes will enjoy having one of these well-rounded dogs in their lives.

They can get rough with the older kids and will hang out near your feet when you’re working at home or watching a movie. These dogs are experts at handling family gatherings and will not disappoint you when it comes to behaving with the family at the beach or park.

When it comes to outdoor movement and physical activity of Labradors, every dog ​​is different, but owners need to know that they love the outdoors and should make arrangements to spend at least several hours a week in the company of their beloved little dogs.

Know that your Labrador Fox Red will take advantage of every opportunity to take a trip and roam free in the meadows.

This gorgeous dog breed loves camping, swimming and fishing, but when the sun goes down, they also enjoy a nice couch cuddle session with you and your family.

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