The Fox Red labrador

it is actually a "true yellow". The red-fox (fox red) is not a distinct color of the Labrador, but is only a particular shade of yellow. In the early years of breed development, the red-fox or dark yellow were the original yellow color of the Labrador Retriever.

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Shades of Yellow

Labrador "White"

Coat color "very light yellow". Some might call it "white", which is incorrect. His is still a yellow, only a very pale yellow.

"Clear" yellow labrador

Coat color "light yellow". Although the body is light yellow, the ears and the tip of the tail have darker shades.

Yellow Labrador "medium"

Coat color "medium yellow". Not as light as the one above, but not very dark.

Labrador "dark" yellow

Coat color "dark yellow". It is not a foxred, but certainly darker than the medium yellow color.

Foxred Labrador

Mantle color "fox red" (Foxred)