Italian Red Fox Labrador breeding

The Labrador Fox Red Kennel “Albamarina” is an amateur dog breeding founded in 2015, born from the love and passion for these wonderful animals, affectionate companions of our life.

Our fox red labrador breeding is immersed in the uncontaminated environment of Cilento. Here we raise our puppies in contact with nature, surrounded by our loving care, which guarantees them the best possible conditions for growth.

Our kennel carefully selects the Fox Red Labrador breed and ensures high breed standard, guaranteeing experience, competence and seriousness.

Our Labradors participate in various dog shows making us proud and rewarding us for all the work done over the years …

For information send an email to: or call Maurizio at +39 340 8336249

If you are interested in our puppies…

Italian Red Fox Labrador breeding “Albamarina”

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