Albamarina kennel present puppies from Wild Fire of Cadillac & Baby Doll od Himalajeskeho Cedru

Dob 20/11/2019
4 girls 5 boys

Puppies will able to go out of home in non quarantine countries end of january 2020 and in quarantine countries end of march 2020 .For info +393408336249

Available male:Capri of Albamarina

Available male:Caravaggio of Albamarina

Albamarina ........ Wild Fire of Cadillac Keepsake Red Painted Thunderh. Of Cadillac Borador\'s Moose CH Keepsake Cajun
Decoy\'s Dondi Of Borador
Keepsake Lady In Red Keepsake Brickhouse
Keepsake Candy Apple
Keepsafe Black Pearl Of Cadillac Beechcrofts American Style Visions Cain\'s Mutiny
Beechcrofts Tina
Keepsake Hot And Spicy Of Cadillac Keepsake Shootin In The Red
Keepsake Roses Are Red
Baby Doll Od Himalajeskeho Cedru Keepsake Elton John Keepsake Ricky Ricardo Boradors Moose
Windancing\'s Orange Marmalade
Keepsake Candle in the Wind Boradors Red Rover
Keepsake Beatiful
Keepsake Amanda Red Rose Keepsake Shootin\'in The Red Kellygreens Arthur Plantagent
Keepsake Victoria\'s trial by Jury
Keepsake Amnda Boradors Moose
Keepsake Olivia
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Some photos from Wild Fire & Baby Doll’s sons